Children in Orphanages Face a Difficult Reality...

It's estimated that 153 million children are abandoned and living in orphanages worldwide, many many more are homeless and living under dangerous situations. The lucky ones end up in orphanages. Most of these children lack government support and rely solely on donations to survive and to provide them with food, clothing, and a dry roof over their heads. Most are overcrowded, 20-30 children in one room, and they lack essentials like hot water, a reliable source of food, and dry, clean places to sleep. Electricity is expensive in developing countries, and many go without electricity and heat. Many orphanages have an average electric bill of $1,200USD per month for a small home. Electricity costs are the second largest expense for these orphanages.

What If There Was a Better Way...

What if there was a way to provide access to renewable energy, a reliable organic source of food, and education at the same time?


Our Solar Powered Greenhouse in a 40ft Shipping Container

This is OPPORTUNITY in a box!

This is Give A Watt

Our greenhouse boxes provide a continual source of ORGANIC, HEALTHY FOOD. Children in orphanages are eating the most inferior diet and experiencing the highest rates of malnutrition in the world.

Knowledge is POWER. Education is the precursor to leading children boldly into a BRIGHTER FUTURE. We're not here to give a child a fish; we're here to teach a child how to fish by facilitating education for the 21st century.

With the income from their own greenhouse and the savings from the electric bills, they can improve their living conditions, receive a better diet, a higher quality of sanitation, and medical care.

Our solar powered energy not only reduces carbon footprints but accelerates economic sustainability by saving these vulnerable homes thousands of dollars a year.

Rancho Santa Ana

The benefits of a solar greenhouse for an orphanage cannot be understated. Taking them from just surviving to thriving!

Why Solar Greenhouses?

The benefits of a solar greenhouse for an orphanage cannot be understated. A solar greenhouse transforms an orphanage from surviving to thriving!
  • One 320 sq ft container (2200 sq ft of growing space) can grow the equivalent of one acre of crops
  • Year-round production
  • Consistency of size, flavor, and quality of produce
  • Low risk of crop loss from weather or pests
  • Uses 90% less water
  • 80% less fertilizer
  • The solar energy provides all the electricity needed for crop maintenance as well as additional for the home thus offsetting the electric expense.
  • Solar is a green, renewable resource. Saving our environment from the effects of fossil fuel, greenhouse gasses, and water pollution.
  • Saving thousands of dollars a year in electric charges.
  • When growing strawberries, they can be consumed by the children, sold to the surrounding community or made into jam to be sold on the open market.
  • When growing greens, they can be consumed, sold as well used as fodder for the animals.
  • The greenhouses provide educational experience in these areas; Plant science, nutrition, aquaponics, business, economics, finance, technology, responsibility, and self-reliance.
  • Providing an income from the sale of produce and value-added products such as jam and dried fruit.

Our Purpose

Give A Watt aims to bring solar greenhouses to orphanages around the world empowering them to a brighter future.





We are Bringing Powerful Tools to Create Lasting Change

We are giving these children and their families the tools and the knowledge to create a sustainable life and break the pattern of poverty, abandonment, and despair.

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We will take your compassion and turn it into a passion. We will move you from pity, helplessness, and outrage to empowerment! You can spark real and meaningful change for generations to come.

You can be the change you want to see in the world!

We are here to offer you a chance to make a difference right where you are, with who you are, and what you have.

Become our purpose partner and join us in changing the course of millions of lives around the world.

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